One for Sunday, and Word for February

So, my word for January was Trust.

I think that went well. I was able to use that as a focus word when I embarked on the grand adventure that was filming Scrapbook Alchemy. :)

For February, I am choosing the word:


We had a very interesting lesson in church, all about trying to become a better, more balanced person by not overemphasizing any one aspect of life, and thus throwing things out of balance. Boy, did I ever need to hear that lesson. :)

I think that most of the extreme stress in my life comes because I’m out of balance somewhere - riding on a bike with a dangerously wobbly wheel.

I had a mini-epiphany when I read these words (which were in a verse just after one we were actually reading for class):

And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works. (Alma 7:24)

And I very clearly thought, it is not about things (tasks, to-do items, money or clothing or cleaning or whatever), it is about qualities (who you are as a person - a person of faith, of hope, of charity). By focusing on qualities, the things that we want to accomplish (the things of most meaning) will get done.

It was great. I think the things are so much easier to track, because they can be seen or counted or listed or dusted or checked off. And sometimes I lose sight of the fact that life is about qualities, and about BEING something and doing meaningful things, and not about things themselves.

So rather than choose faith, or hope, or charity as my words, I chose priorities. I know what is most important to me, and I need to refocus on these. So the daily reminder to prioritize my days based on the priorities in my life makes sense for me for February.

Of course, this doesn’t always mean the amount of time spent, right? We have to work, we have to clean, we have to still do the things. But the real, deep satisfaction in life comes in knowing that you’re aligned with your priorities. And accomplishing things based on your priorities develops the qualities we ultimately want to have.

So hard to track. How do you measure love? Goodness? Faith? And yet, these are what matter, right?

So if you’re playing along with a monthly word, what’s February going to be for you? How did January go?