Ready to Win a Free Class?

So yesterday after lunch, I started feeling bad. Achy, stomach hurt, and by bedtime it was really bad. By morning, really really bad. I have been sleeping a lot, trying to keep down clear liquid, and generally feeling like I’ve been run over by something. Something large.

But hey, that’s not going to stop me from stopping by, right? Blogging is something I can do sitting down, where I’m least dizzy. :)

So, Let’s talk.

About how you can win free tuition to my self-paced photo editing class that launches on Sunday. Tomorrow, and Friday, and Saturday I will post a new photo-related or memory-related question, and you can leave an answer in the comments. On Saturday night at midnight EST I will randomly choose a winner from each day’s post, to get the class for free. :D

Does that sound like fun? Heck YES it does. ;) Aside from taking a nap on a rainy afternoon, or watching Good Eats in my PJ’s, or listening to a Robert Jordan novel while I make templates, GIVING STUFF AWAY is my favorite. :D (p.s. Did all those things today. Cept the templates, which may come later)

Ok, so spread the word, and make sure you stop by each day Thursday, Friday, Saturday for a new chance to win, ok? :)

And go have some popcorn for me. Or perhaps a Skinny Cow. Which both sound good until I consider the prospect of seeing them again… I really hope this whatever-this-is goes away SOON. I have things to do!

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