Monday mornin'

Turns out the dishes clinking on Saturday night was Jared dishing up two decadent slices of (storebought) chocolate cake! And he also lit candles and put fresh flowers in a vase. *sigh* He even went to turn the ipod on for some soft music, but discovered that we only have the Robert Jordan audio book we’re listening to, the Pixies, and kids’ music. I’m sure we HAVE soft music, somewhere in our library, but it’s clear what we listen to most often. Ralph’s World just isn’t the music for a romantical mood…

But I hope your Valentine’s was great. :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, that once my Massive Headache cleared up, I was able to enjoy. We played Chutes and Ladders together last night, which reaffirmed that Elliott has only the attention span to get to about square 20 or so, and he’s off and running. And Rowen got it into her head that she was really HOT! and needed ICE WATER! and disappeared into the kitchen, and Jared and I were left to spin and move the characters by ourselves. Nice. Well, at least I won.

Photo Editing Rescheduled

So. There was a Photo Editing class that was scheduled for launch today!

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: This is now past-tense, because the date has been moved back to next Sunday. I just needed a bit more time to put it together. I want to make sure that I am covering this complex subject in a way that makes sense and makes a difference for your photos.

Good news: But in exchange for the wait, I’ll give you several opportunities to WIN free tuition to the class this week, ok? :D Stay tuned for that info!

Also, I am curious, which non-scrappy blogs you love? I will post a list of my own must-visits later on today! First I need food, and then need to go get Rowen from preschool.


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