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Happy Hearts Day!

Today was one of those usual Saturdays, although Jared just disappeared downstairs to surprise me with something - I can hear the dishes clinking (maybe he’s unloading the dishwasher? a girl can only hope…)

But today for Valentine’s Day I got my honey something way cool. I made four micro-loans to entrepreneurs through Kiva.org and I gave them to him. :)

Here’s one:


I chose a seamstress in Tanzania, a restauranteur in Mexico, a vegetable seller in Azerbaijan, and a clothing seller in Tajikistan. Check out all the people at Kiva.org that you can impact with just $25.00. And when the loan is repaid in full, we can lend the money to other entrepreneurs in need.

 I love the idea that lots of people working together can help other individuals become self-reliant (Mormons: check out the March 09 Ensign, which is what sparked this whole idea in the first place, and caused me to Google and find Kiva). Jared and I are thinking of ways we can support Kiva and organizations like it on a larger scale. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I hope you have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Gonna go see what all the hubbub is downstairs. ;)


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