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Traveling 2009

Okay, here is the list of events I’ll be teaching at so far for 2009:

Scrap Etc. Event

Hybrid class

April 30-May 2, 2009

Atlanta, GA

Hybrid Class + (secret surprises…)

This will be the first non-CKU large event I’ve been to, and I’m totally stoked to mix up the digi and the paper in new ways! You’ll have a video-based hybrid assignment to do before you come to class, and we’ll complete the project at the event.

The Scrap Etc. event is sponsored by the Scrap Etc. store, and is one of the must-attend events each year. Check out the schedule, instructors, and more info here)

Registration for this event is open, so if it’s in the cards for you, check it out.


CKU - Nashville

May 27-30

Digital Album Track

I’ve been getting lots of questions whether I’m teaching at CKU this year! The answer, as of right now, is YES! I’ll be teaching the Beautiful Evidence digital album track. If you’re interested in diving into digi, this is the PERFECT opportunity to create a gorgeous 20-page digital album, and learn all the basics of digital scrapbooking along the way. We get to hang out for the whole day of course, plus you get all the glorious scrappy goodness that is the rest of CKU.

Registration for this event begins February 4.


Creative Photography Retreat

June ?

Photo Editing

I can’t find the exact dates for this one! Sorry. :P But I do know that I’m teaching photo editing! So there ya have it. I will post more when I know it.



August 5-8

Digital Album Track

(Same as above, only in Provo! ;)



August 13-15

Paper classes, developed by CK Education team

Charlotte is pretty much in my backyard, so this one’s a lock. Love going every year! :D


Digital Scrapbook Experience

Provo, UT

September 24-26, 2009

Digital Classes (+ surprises…)

Ok, so TOTALLY excited about this event. I think it will be so cool to see so many of us with laptops ready to learn all we can about digital scrapbooking. This event is ALL DIGI, as opposed to CKU, where you can get a digital album, and then head right back out to the other classes that are paper-based. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, there will be awesome classes designed just for you.

And that about does it for 09 traveling, I think! I’ll give more info as I get it! :)

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