The Reorg. Thank you, and almost done!

First off, THANK YOU for all of your comments. I feel both less crazy AND less nerdy, and that is saying something! ;) It is interesting how individual an organization system is, and yet how we all sort of suffer from the same issues. Hm. This gets me thinking.

I LOVED your tips, by the way. Love that we’re all in the same crazy boat here, in so many ways.

As for letters. I see some of you sort your letters by letter. Tried this. Failed miserably. I just have a hard time with the ransom-note look on a page. But this simply illustrates that each person needs to find her own way of organizing and putting things together. No wonder this is such a big project, though! It takes a lot of thinking about your own processes, planning for your space needs, all kinds of stuff. No small thing.

My big project with this one (aside from the reassigning all patterned papers by color instead of by manufacturer - AND adding in a whole category for green-blue was definitely to sort all embellishments by color. That means busting stuff out of its cute package, cutting up sheets of multi-colored stickers, the works. This is because for some reason I don’t use stuff in packages. No idea. But in this latest clean-out/reorg, I found a whole basket full of - you guessed it! Embellishments in packages.

Oh, and if you are smug and sitting there happy in your digi world, oh, lady. I have your number. ;) I know that great organization is the key to making good scrapbook pages in the digital world too - and while I might dig to the bottom of a basket and find a package of embellishments that I swear I have never seen, if I download something and don’t tag it, I might literally never see it again. This is one area where digital and paper scrapbooking are very similar, I think.

If you’re a digi, how do YOU organize? What software? What system? I am wondering how similar these things really ARE…

I did, however, find myself desperately wishing I could just put multiple tags on a sheet of polka-dot patterned paper (yeah, this has blue, AND green, AND red, AND orange in it. Done and done.) rather than having to find only ONE spot for it to live (I added in a “multi-color” category that is anything with a white background and no really distinct color). So a limitation of the physical world, there. On the other hand, I can also roll around in my physical paper stash, laughing with glee. And that’s probably more than you wanted to know about my relationship with Bazzill. (but at least it’s a long-term one, right? ;)

Okay, so I am almost done. I see more floor, and have compressed my various stacks down to a mere two or three, and I can seriously almost see the light at the end of this tunnel. I unpackaged a TON of things. Labeled the backs of things I thought I might forget (but I have a pretty good memory for embellishments, of all the random useless talents one could have), definitely sifted my fingers through the raw chipboard basket several times (as a pirate might sift through a treasure chest full of dubloons), smelled the inside of a few packages of rub-ons (popcorn! seriously!), and left the rest until tomorrow. ;)

And now on to a few announcements. Next post.

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