Thursday & Friday, 3rd and 4th

I’m FINALLY starting to feel my energy coming back. Whew. Now I can post my pages from the weekend. :)

Thursday I caught a little glimpse of my life in its two wonderful halves as I sat on the porch watching the kids play in the front yard (also, I was wearing flip-flops. HA!). I had purse, laptop, and to-do list out, multi-tasking to finish up a few things while they were occupied. So I ran in and grabbed the camera:

Click to view larger

Also, in the foreground you can see the remnant of the blue paint left on the porch from our painting incident over a year ago. Boy was THAT a day never to be forgotten! I’m actually glad I got this shot, because I don’t have any photos of the paint on my porch that is my reminder. :)

Friday I spent 6 hours decorating the church for our ward Christmas luau - including stringing over 3000 lights across the gym! It was pretty spectacular, if I may say - including live fish across the stage, but I forgot my camera & had to take pics with my phone:

Click to view largerIt was a GREAT evening, and feeding 350 people is a teriffic skill I’m learning. :)

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