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Gift-a-Palooza at JessicaSprague.com - Week 1 Recap

So, every single day in December, our awesome Creative Team (plus admins Laurie and Kristen) are posting a super-cute gift idea you can make with our products, or use to give our classes.

Check this summary:

Awesome “Happy Little Things” bucket! Use this to give a hybrid class, or just some sweet small goodies to a pal! (Instructions here)

Okay, who thinks my little ssaying about grabbing a cold drink is cute? You can play on it for a cute gift, AND re-use a sonic drink carrier! (Instructions here)

Ok, and check out Rachael Sheedy’s awesome Tower of Family. Wow! (Instructions here).

And for Friday, check out this SUPER CUTE ribbon advent calendar for your wall - and don’t forget to download the FREE ornaments so you can make your own! (Instructions here.)

Okay, and my little contribution for Freebie Friday is a two-page journaling template, sized to 8x11 inches (perfect for a Shutterfly book):

I noted in my blog post earlier that my Holidays in Hand project is morphing itself into two separate projects, and I needed a digital journal that didn’t place so much emphasis on photos. So here’s what came out from that. My plan is to follow the Holidays in Hand prompts for each day in December, and then get the book printed. :)

Want to join me? Or just have a cute journaling template with a couple embellishments from Crystal Wilkerson? Click here to visit JessicaSprague.com and download! :)

Thursday & Friday, 3rd and 4th

Holidays in Hand, Day 2