So. We moved from Minnesota to North Carolina 3 1/2 years ago. It was the beginning of March, and we were stunned at how warm it was so early in the year. We suffered through a really, really hot summer, which we learned was just a a pretty normal summer, and then breezed through a really mild winter - I think we got an inch of snow total in the entire four months it was cool enough. We were the Minnesota Polar Bears, and THIS! This was no WINTER!

Fast forward to this year, the summer was very tolerable for the most part (admittedly, you simply just don’t go outside during the day’s heat in August if you can help it, or scoot as quick as you can from car to store to car to door), and I was interested to see what winter would bring.

Winter in the mountains, though, is a different thing. For one, it’s windy here. Wow. And while all my Minnesotan friends would laugh at me for saying this, it was 28 degrees this morning when I jumped in the car to head down and grab breakfast, and it was TOO COLD. Brr!

We knew we wanted to go to the Lighting of the Town in Blowing Rock this evening, which was scheduled at 5:30 tonight in the park there. The mayor talks, and then throws a switch to light the wreaths and the town hall trees. We got there at 4:30. It was 38 degrees, and it was blowing at LEAST 25 mph, and even complete with coats and hats and gloves, Ele and I only lasted about 20 minutes waiting while we played at the park. Rowen and Jared lasted 40, and headed back to the car. We decided it was TOO COLD to stand outside in the biting wind for a bunch of old wreaths. Hehe. So no pictures of the Lighting of the Town, and I think I’ve officially gotten soft. And I flat-out don’t like being cold! LOL

We came back to the cabin for pot pies, then popcorn on the bed while the four of us watched Up. Then kids in bed, and we’re listening to the wind rush past. Definitely cozier than it was in the park. Soft, I tell ya.

Jessica Sprague6 Comments