Can you believe it? Halloween is over, October is over, and we’re heading in to the holiday season that ends 2009. I can’t BELIEVE it! I finally got a picture of Rowen’s “tooth holes” - which are kind of cheats, since her two bottom teeth started coming in about 6 weeks ago:

So she wrote a letter to the Tooth fairy, and even decorated the envelope:

Translation (it’s in two columns):

“Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth came out today. I put it in an envelope. Please give me a dollar or two.”

When I first saw this, my heart squeezed until it came out my eyes. She has been phonetically spelling for only a couple of weeks, like a switch that came on - suddenly sounds relate to letters, and letters make words. I’m so PROUD of this sweet girl, and this note is so purely, perfectly her - complete with the little toothy decorations to melt the Tooth Fairy’s heart. (It did).

Thursday was the Halloween party at Red Hat, so Jared dressed up to go to work that day. He was Nosferatu, which a surprising number of people haven’t seen. If YOU are one of those people, what the heck? It’s a classic spooky BW vampire flick! It rocks! Check this guy out:

Now check out Jared’s version!


He Bic’ed his head, and even shaved his goatee, which I think he’s had for all but maybe a month? of our entire marriage. I did the makeup, and he rented the FABULOUS long coat. It’s the first time he’s ever dressed up for Halloween, and it was awesome!

Now go rent ya some of that Nosferatu action, kay? Coolest part? It was filmed in Germany before World War II, and many of the buildings in the movie were destroyed during the war, so it’s a wonderful and rare view into what these parts of Germany looked like.

I have some Halloween pics, and pics from the Sprague-o-Ween party last week. More later. :)

Happy November!

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