Quick Recap, more to come!

Wow. So much has happened in the past several days. Gotta get it down, then expand on it as I get time

  • Rowen lost her first tooth! Yeah! Her permanent teeth on the bottom had been growing in already, and she wrote the SWEETEST  note to the Tooth Fairy. Scan to come.
  • We visited a pumpkin farm and did the corn maze. It took us about an hour, and was awesome for almost all of it (less awesome when the kids got tired and Jared and I ended up hauling them on our backs through the end of it), we pretended that we were in a dungeon searching for the mini-bosses at the dead ends (they are the ones with the chests full of loot, of course).
  • We had our first annual Sprague-o-Ween on Friday night, complete with pizza, coloring, cookie decorating, and we made starched fabric ghosts.

I know there’s more, dangit. This is what happens when I’m a bad blogger. But I’ll head through my pics and see what else. Hehe. Anyone else use their photos in place of an actual memory in your brain? Yeah.

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