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Goodbye, Hello.



It was. Wow.

I haven’t had as crazy a month as September in as long as I can remember.  My grandma passed the end of August, then my birthday, then the first weekend in September, our little kitten Cassie ran away. :( That weekend, Ele got sick. Then Rowen and Jared followed and were sick for another 10 days. I survived until mid-september, then got it too. We discovered that our other cat, Jane, has fleas (and consequently, so does our house). Liv arrived the 16th, which was awesome, and we had SUCH a cool, cool time. We spent from the 21-27 in Utah at the Digital Scrapbook Experience, which was also awesome. It wasn’t easy being sick during that entire thing. I’m SO grateful to be feeling better, just now feeling mostly myself. And frankly, I’m pretty grateful that September is over. I’m hoping that the new month means slowing down.

But, maybe that will happen tomorrow… cause it didn’t happen today.

Today was interesting. Rowen had her well-child checkup for kindergarten, had 4 shots, and failed her eye exam. So off to the eye dr., which we managed to get in today. So the whole day spent waiting in waiting rooms, getting shots, wiping tears, getting ice cream reward, getting eye drops (which for some reason freaked her out as much as the shots), wiping more tears, getting more ice cream, and I’m tired.

The eye dr says she is fine, and that it’s normal for little kids to fluctuate, mix up letters, etc. So she doesn’t need glasses.

I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

There was a funny from today, though.

I was bringing the kids home from the eye dr and dinner, we got a call from our babysitter, who has been on a vacation to Hawaii for the past 2 1/2 weeks (oh yeah, did I mention that our sitter has been gone during most of September?), called to say she’s home. She told us she had taken a helicopter over the volcanos, and had taken a submarine to the ocean floor.

So I got off the phone and told the kids I had talked to Ms. Linda, and that she had gone in a helicopter, and a submarine. I asked if they knew what a submarine was, and Ele said, “It’s a thing you get in and it takes you down under the water.”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Then Rowen said, “Yeah, and they are yellow!”


But here’s to a smoother October. Goodbye September, hello smoother sailing. And if not smoother, then here’s to having the gift of strength to deal with what comes. After all, the meaning of life isn’t in the victory, but in the struggle, right?


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