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We need a little more Moses around here...

Ah, I am so glad I’m back to recording little details of our life.

I learned a little trick to grabbing a pic of a kid in a swing - even my fast-focusing camera doesn’t focus fast enough for a swing, most of the time. I have captured a LOT of blurry swinging pics. So I focused on a single spot about where the top of the arc would be, rather than trying to follow him back and forth to snap a shot. When he went back and then forward again, hitting the same spot in the arc, then SNAP! and it worked. :) And it fits that this is Ele, because he appears in Today’s Funny.

Last night, the kids went to bed, and I laid down “just for a few minutes” - and woke up at 7 this morning. It doesn’t happen very often, but I figure I needed it. :) I spent most of the day feeling really wiped out, though. You’d think with 10 hours of sleep I’d have gotten more energy back…

Jared is feeling sick, and Rowen was sick last night, so we stayed home from church today, and rested. For storytime tonight I figured we needed a little bit of church-ish-ness, and so I read the kids a board book called Follow the Prophet.

I was reading along, through Adam, Noah, and turned the page to Moses, who was wearing a red robe (why is Moses always depicted wearing a red robe?). I said, “Who did the Lord tell to set the children of Israel free?” pointing at Moses.

Elliott, nestled in Jared’s arm sitting on Rowen’s bed across the room: “Santa Claus!”

Of course Jared couldn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes. It was perfect comedic timing, but I actually don’t think Ele was kidding. I’ll wager that Santa hasn’t appeared in Follow the Prophet before now, and something in me wonders if I failed somewhere. Or perhaps we’ve had somewhat too little Moses (who, in Ele’s defense, looks quite Santa-ish with his white beard and always-red robe) and somewhat too much Santa around here lately…

December (ahem.. sorry) Photo-a-Day Winners!