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December (ahem.. sorry) Photo-a-Day Winners!

Okay, so things got a little cray-zay with the holidays and a few too many egg nog milkshakes there at the end of December, and I was reminded that I have yet to pick winners for the third, fourth, and fifth weeks of December!

These three Phabulous Photographers will receive YOUR CHOICE of any of my classes for free!

Week 3: Ajfetzer

Don’t these look delicious?


Week 4: JoanieLewis

Look at her beautiful daughter and handsome family!


And for those last lazy days there after Christmas, week 5:


Looks like she has some birds at her feeder! Great shot! :D


Congratulations, everyone! Send me an email to let me know which class you want! :D

We’ll be playing more later! You know I love to give stuff away. ;)

My Shutterfly Photo Book on the Today Show. :D

We need a little more Moses around here...