January 2! I spent most of the day working, didn’t go outside much, because it was raining. 2009 is feeling quite a bit like 2008 was, today. :P

I wrote my January word, Trust, on a post-it note and stuck it to my monitor. Need to get a prettier version of that thing up, but too much else going on right now. I guess a handwritten note to self will have to do for now, right?

I love reading all your words, for month and year! Thank you for sharing them with me.

We are listening to The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan on audio book while we work in the evenings. It is terribly, terribly nerdy of us (and if WE can see that something is nerdy, look out), but lots of fun, and a cool alternative to music for a bit. We’re actually in the second book, more than 1000 pages in, and even though I read all 11 of the books a few years ago, it is a completely different experience to hear it read.

Do you like audiobooks? Got any recommendations?

Big plans for the weekend: More work/finishing projects, cleaning the garage, playing with Rowen’s new marble run and Ele’s new play kitchen, ordering pizza. How about you? :D