Warning: A Little Bit of Crazy Re: the Scrap Space

Okay, so I officially got Sick starting Thursday, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping. Which would have been nice except I was miserable. But Monday came with a Dr. visit and some very nice antibiotics, which have helped immensely, and I’m almost ALL the way back to normal!

I have been diligently working on putting my scrap space back together again. It had been sorely lacking in being organized (you know, organized in that there is a system by which you know where your crap is and you can find it again? rather than simply piled in an out-of-the-way corner?) I moved 80% of it to the set for filming, and when that all came back in its boxes, I felt like I needed to purge & organize as I moved it back in.


Because of course I can’t just whip through the cardstock and patterned paper and embellishments, throw a few things into the giveaway box and dust my hands as I head for a cold drink, can I? Oh noooo. I have to be the one who sits down in the middle of the floor and devises a new system - nay, a strategy for organizing patterned papers. I have tried for a long time to combine the inevitable “pile of new papers” with my regular stash, but there has always been that part of me that worries I won’t find it again, and so it sits in the Stack. And the Stack is what I use for scrapping. Totally not a good system (mainly because I know I have tons of cute paper that is not in the Stack, but is sorted by brand and how can I remember if BasicGrey or Chatterbox or American Crafts made a cute red paper to go with this page? I can’t.) So! I began a new adventure, and reorganized the entire patterned paper stash by color. I had sorted by brand for so long, and I realized (I know, right? epiphanies in the middle of the floor in my pj’s surrounded by oh, 2000 sheets of paper or so) that the way I would find and sort and find again, is by color. Of course THAT now requires buying two more Cropper Hopper paper holders. Hadn’t realized the Stack had gotten so large…

I also needed an entire paper holder each for Green and Blue, and I think I counted a grand total of 12? purples. Not too tough to see where this girl’s heart lies on the color wheel…

But you know, as I was going through the papers and sorting them by color, I realized that there were papers I had never even seen. Or perhaps had seen, but totally didn’t remember. It was great. I was like, oh! This is so cute! And I think that sorting by color will help me mix things up a bit as far as brand and pattern. Or it could be a total disaster. Stay tuned.

Also organized all alphabets by color. Quick and easy, that one. I had WAY too many for my Clip-it-Up, so that got put into use holding my acrylic stamps, and the alphas went into a set of clear magazine holders.

Oh, and organizing embellishments by color? Still awesome, except that the catch-all drawers I was using for each color don’t work well for all sizes of items within that color. Conundrums. Anxiety. More hours on the floor in my pj’s sorting each embellishment into three sizes, which in my head say:

  • Teeny (this is mini-brads, sequins, rhinestones, photo turns)
  • Small (all stuff smaller than a couple of inches)
  • Medium/Large (anything bigger than a couple of inches)

Mainly I wanted to do this so I could actually find the small and teeny stuff which inevitably had fallen to the bottom of the drawer below the medium/large stuff, and anyway. Whew. After sorting each individual mini-brad today by color, I realize that I probably should start some kind of 12-step program.

I also found storage spots for the Teeny stuff, and the Small stuff (ha! back into the color drawers!), but the jury is still out on the medium/large stuff. And therefore, the embellishments are still out, too. On my floor. But neatly stacked in piles!

So. Progress.

And I have designed in my head a really cool piece of scrapbook embellishment storage furniture which I may hit up a cabinetmaker friend to build for me. No, I did not sketch it out on a napkin. Not that crazy. The sketch was on the back of a receipt, if you must know.

And wow. I found a lot to say about the conversations I’ve been having with myself in my head for 4 days. And it is kind of scary. I should totally charge myself consulting fees here. Nothing like a few sermons in the head to keep you company while you’re sorting 4 billion mini-brads.

The saddest, saddest part, is that aside from the absence of the Stack on the floor in the corner, the room probably won’t look any different than when it was simply clean. *sigh*

BUT, it will be usable. That’s pretty cool. :)

PLEASE help me feel good and tell me you’ve thought of all this stuff too? Tell me you’ve spent hours on your floor surrounded by your papers, sorting them into whatever stacks you sort into? That you’ve sat with some random item in your hand for more than a minute, pondering whether this thing is green or blue? Or a neutral vs. yellow? And that you’ve printed out the names of all the colors, as well as descriptive words like “flourish” “floral”, etc. multiple times onto clear sticker paper to stick onto the fronts of all containers, JUST IN CASE you can’t see that the item inside the clear container in front  of you is, indeed, GREEN? And that you, too have individual color coded drawers for each of your embellishments, also subdivided into four distinct sizes for ease of use? No on the last one? Ah well.

And I will be sure to post pics when it’s done. I really AM looking forward to finding things again. But sadly, it will look strikingly like this from 1.5 years ago, I’m afraid. I should paint or something. :P

Okay, there are some way cool announcements coming up tomorrow. Can’t wait! See you then! :D


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