First, the Snowman.

In the waning amount of snow we had, given the bright sunlight and well above freezing temps, Jared and the kids built a snowman.

Rowen found the stick nose and donated her hat. And what better use to put Mama’s scrapbook supplies to, than to build his face? Thank you, Fancy Pants and Creative Imaginations for the bright buttons, which I hope to reuse (sorry, Frosty) when Frosty waves goodbye.

Ele was so excited he gave Frosty a hug. I think there was JUST enough snow to make Frosty exactly his height.

Jared tells me his beard and eyebrows were necessary to make the buttons stick on. But he does look a little … apologetic, though, doesn’t he? Especially that overhanging right brow. Gosh, I almost want to give him a hug, too.

Perhaps he is apologizing for the fact that his existence meant another call this afternoon from my babysitter that she won’t be coming tomorrow. She won’t drive in the snow. Or at the whiff of snow. Or if someone walks by and says the word “snow”. She is a native North Carolinan, 66 years old, and she lives in the country. So most of me gives her a break. And the teeny little part of me that just wants to *sigh* and stomp around and point at my massive to-do list will be the one rescheduling meetings, while the rest of me heads off to go play with my kids tomorrow, so it’s actually a good thing. :)

See, Frosty, you needn’t look quite so apologetic as all that - except that I think your right eyeball might fall out if your expression changes.

Our front yard TOTALLY rocks, though!

Clean, Purge, Reorganize All Around

In other thoughts - over the next few days, I am reassembling my scrap space from the total dismantling it got for the filming (most of the stuff you’ll see in the Scrapbook Alchemy vids - and all of the scrappy-type stuff came from right here in the Sprague Lab, and is now strewn about in boxes or piled in corners waiting reshelving), and tackling my overstuffed email inbox. If you sent me an email late last year and I mysteriously didn’t answer, please don’t take offense! (Seriously, please? you gotta know me well enough by now that a non-answer is probably me in headless chicken mode or crying on my floor in my underwear or taking a break to hang with the fam, but is NEVER EVER meant in rudeness, ok?) The best route to take is to send that baby again and get it back on the top of the pile. ;) Remember, if you come here, or you take a class, or you benefit from a tutorial, I think you are awesome by default. I just suck at email sometimes. I can admit that.

Have a great night, happy Wednesday!

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