Adventures in Normal

I’ll go in to more of the Scrapbook Alchemy backstory and behind the scenes tomorrow. Today was just a regular day.

A normal day. Right?

First off, as we here in NC have been warned for DAYS now, it was a HUGE! Winter! Storm! A steady snow through last night and most of today, probably close to 6 inches by the time it finished. We were picking up groceries last night (totally ordered them online and they brought them to my car, heck yeah), and the grocery store was a mob scene. Everyone stocking up on bottled water with this stressed-out it’s-the-end-of-the-world look about them. I can be snobbish about this because I grew up in the west, you see. Where it really snows. And I lived in Minnesota for 6 years. So I can brag about measuring snow in FEET there, and how it gets so cold you have to plug your car in…. AND I ordered my groceries online. I’m the smug one sitting in the warm car while the Lowe’s Foods employees bring me my bottled water…

So everything - including Jared’s Red Hat office was closed today - and of course my sitter called to tell us she wasn’t coming. She won’t drive in the snow, see. Or even the whiff of snow. Or even rain that is too cold. *sigh*  But because of it, we totally bundled kids up and sent em out in the snow for some fun frozen adventure. We had to scrounge for enough warm gear, but eventually located something for hands and feet and heads for all.

This was the experience - just a couple of inches down at this point, but kids having a great time:

Love this shot of Ele (from inside, of course, which says as much about me as it does about him)

I spent the rest of the day as a doll surgeon, a rapt watcher of history in the making at the presidential inauguration (more on the speech later - wow!), a layout maker, a napper (yeah! - still trying to recover from last week - is that still a viable excuse 4 days later?), a burrito-maker, and I just finished my dessert of a Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream sandwich. (Bless those Skinny Cow people. Bless them.) Waiting for the kids to quit coming out of their rooms every 33.5 seconds. Which should be in oh, about 2 hours from now. Thinking that another Skinny Cow sounds pretty good. Perhaps dunked in chocolate sauce, with a bag of potato chips on the side. I’ll have Cheddar Sour Cream Ruffles, please. And yes. Leave the bag.

Also, when I served Elliott his orange juice at lunch time, he sipped it and said, “Just the way I like it. Shaken, but not stirred.”

Direct quote from our new favorite movie (read: watched multiple times daily), Short Circuit. That’s right. We are rockin’ it old school. It all started a couple of weeks ago when Jared told Rowen that Wall-E had a big brother, and his name was Johnny 5.

Many, many viewings later and Ele is full of great quips like the one above, or when he gets kissed on the cheek, saying, “Right on the sensor!” LOL

But Johnny 5 actually does resemble his 20-years-younger brother in some ways. So of course Rowen is completely smitten.

And after a Google search to prove my point, I find that I’m not the first person to think of it - since I found this comparison image from here:

Ah yes. What little girl doesn’t dream of her knight in shining high-tech stainless steel.. with a .. laser, and some .. clamps instead of hands .. and .. binoculars instead of a face? I ask you.

Nothing like a normal day to catch back up, right? Heh. Normal.

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