Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is so nice to be welcoming in a new year. It feels like a fresh time - one that invites change, and renewed effort. I’ve definitely felt the lack of blogging - the lack of the everyday stories that I want to tell, and pictures I want to share, news, tutorials, info, discussion, whatnot.

I have found that I’ve missed the brain-clearing effect that blogging has, as well. For some reason (several reasons) I haven’t been able to sleep well for the past week or so - laying awake LONG into the night, mind racing. I’m hoping to leave some of that here on these virtual pages, too. :)

We have had a GREAT holiday. Jared has been off of work since the 23rd of December, and we’ve been totally laying low. It has been really nice to just hang out, play with the kids, eat way too much holiday-type food, and NOT teach any classes. ;)

Here are a couple of Christmas pics:

Sweet Ele. In our new green backyard! :D Three years in to our life in North Carolina, and I am still completely in love with the winter. I say “winter” in air quotes, of course.

Rowen on our walk on Christmas day. She barely stands still, so photos of both eyes looking right at me (and not making a face) are still as rare as ever. :)

Two nights before Christmas, we went to visit the kids’ sitter. Rowen made her a Christmas card, complete with a picture of Ms. Linda swinging the kids on the swing (Rowen’s favorite activity). It was very well received. :)

Look at those sweet letters! I am totally amazed at how much progress this girl has made at writing. We have to help her spell almost everything, but she writes so quickly and so naturally, it seems like this progress has happened overnight.

Oh, and the pictures she draws! Bring tears to my eyes. There are few things more satisfying to me than to watch her learning to express herself in words and pictures. Hopefully you’ll forgive lots of future posts with Rowen’s artwork in them. ;)

Here’s one she did a few days ago:

This is Rowen and Daddy taking a walk. I love that they are heads with legs and big smiles. :) She used one of my punches to punch a heart, and taped it on.

And my favorite part of this drawing, is the exclamation point. A couple months ago we were reading through some of her phonics books and she asked what this thing was at the end of the sentence? I said, it’s an exclamation point. We use it when we want to say something louder. So we started playing this game where she’d cover the exclamation point in the story with her finger, and I would read the sentence quietly, and then she’d pull her finger away and I’d READ IT LOUD! and she would laugh like crazy. So now every time she is excited about something and wants to make sure something is loud, she simply adds an exclamation point. :) Pretty much this is after every word. She takes after her mama in this I guess. ;)

January Word

I also want to choose a new word for the month of January. I’ll plan to do one every month.

My word for January, after thinking about it - is:


I am working on some projects right now that are things I’ve never done before. This is partly what’s been keeping me up at night, I think. I feel a lot of pressure to make things exactly right, and a lot of pressure with the unknowns, and the planning, and so forth. And I think that this word will be a good reminder. To trust myself. To trust the people I’m working with. To trust God, that he will answer my prayers. To let go of fear and uncertainty and worry.  I tend to be the one who tries to take things all on, and to feel like I need to have answers for others, and answers to my own questions, and to be uncomfortable with uncertainty, but in looking back, I see that all my best work has been done when I just let go, and trust, and have fun. :)

So, would you like to join me in a word for January? We can make a mini-album of our year-long project at the end of 09. :)

Have you had good holidays? Have you made any new year’s resolutions? Are you looking forward to 09? Got any big hopes, plans, goals for this year?

My big one: Blog 6x a week. :D