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Scrapbook Alchemy - Behind-the-Scenes!

Okay, I am so excited for this! It is so hard to explain what this was like, so I’m glad that Julie was taking pics all week long. I was going to post only a few pics, but there were so many great ones, I decided to make a big slide show! This tracks the filming at my house on Monday, on a couple of locations on Tuesday, and then on the set from Wednesday-Friday.

On Monday, we filmed the introduction to the show. It was SO cool. So intense. There are three different main scenes in it, each featuring my fam in some way.This will go at the beginning of each of the classes.

Ready to check it out? :D Just click the image to launch the slide show in a new tab or window. You can click on the slideshow button to see the photos large, and then page through them with the navigation. :D

I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed by how MUCH equipment and gear, and how many talented people it takes to pull something like this off. And I am SO super excited for these classes to launch! There will be 10 different self-paced classes, which you can purchase individually. They wil combine Photoshop techniques that apply specifically to hybrid pages (so everything is designed to print out), and then video for completing the layout after printing out the components.

It took me ALL day Saturday and Sunday to recover from last week. LOL. We are still waiting for our furniture to come back to us (almost all of the items on the set came from our house), but otherwise things are pretty much back to normal (said in air quotes of course).

I hope you like the sneak peek! :D

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