Okay wow.

I am just sitting down NOW, 5 days later, with my brain completely mush, and so tired. But what a week. I have some great pics of the set and the filming, and I’ll be putting up some more details about the classes over the weekend. Just wanted you to know we made it out alive! Haha. On Tuesday after the first project was done I wasn’t so sure I would survive. So much stress! Wanting things to be right, not knowing how everything works on film, having no experience working with a crew or teaching classes upside down (more on this later!). But by the end of the last project today, I was feeling a bit better about the whole thing.

I really had planned on posting a bit at the end of each day, sort of a progress report. Perhaps you took my silence as enough progress, right? LOL. Julie and I would finish at 7 p.m. each night, come home, grab some dinner, and then spend until 11:30 or midnight prepping supplies, materials, projects, and instructions for the next day’s projects. I could NEVER have done this thing without her. And Jared. I feel incredibly supported and loved right now.

It has been one of the most fun, amazing, exhausting, exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had. Something so new and scary, and mostly something that I hope SO much will be useful and fun and interesting and informative to YOU.

I was actually thinking about you right before I waited for Greg to say that fateful word, “Action!” - as I was staring down the barrel of the camera, I tried to picture teaching a live class, feeling the great energy and excitement as we all gathered together to craft AND to celebrate (I really think that scrapbooking is both of these things). I was thinking about seeing faces, seeing the scissors and the trimmers and the totes, seeing the beautiful photos of your families that you had prepared, and I really hope that you can feel that in these video classes. After all, it’s all about the love, right? Love for the craft, love for the people who matter to us, love for the community that surrounds scrapbooking.

I will post pics tomorrow. It was SO much more than I could have imagined. Both in terms of the scale of the project (there were three cameras rolling), and in terms of what we were able to accomplish, and while I feel completely exhausted right now, it’s that great kind of fall-into-bed-with-a-smile kind of tired that makes hard work worth it. :)

I hope you had a wonderful week, and I’ll have more stories to share soon!

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