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On my mind: preps for filming Scrapbook Alchemy

Getting ready for Monday and the start of filming.

10 projects.

Multiple sheets of every paper (just in case I mess it up! :P)

Lots of tools, going into the storage totes.

Trying to stay healthy past the tickle in my throat and my suspiciously gravelly voice

Last-minute shopping for a couple of vid-worthy shirts (thank you, Ann Taylor Loft gift card, and a huge sale at NY & Co!)

Haircut, plus new highlights to replace my completely grown out year-old ones (isn’t it funny how easy it is to put things off until you have a deadline? Just like hearing someone is coming into town so you finally clean the house..)

My sister is in town to help with the filming, and she will be my official link to reality - my lifeline to keep me organized - to make sure all the supplies are ready and that I have enough Diet Mt. Dew to keep me going. ;)

I’m excited. I’m nervous. Above all, I hope you find the projects cute and useful. And I’ll be posting pics all through next week as we embark on the latest adventure!

Monday we will actually be here at the house, which Greg promises us will be cray-zay. Can’t wait!

One more day of rest and prep, and we’re off! :D



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