This was me last night.

Except there was no sword, and we were fighting giant ogres (and whatever Grull is - a giant hyena?) and there were 25 of us. :)

A side note? I showed this to Jared, and while I had busted up laughing the whole time, he was scowling. At the end he said, affronted, “There is no sword of Azeroth! Azeroth is a whole world! With two whole continents! Now if they had said Glaives of Azzenoth, that would have been more accurate.” 

And then he looked them up. And showed them to me.

I was like, okay, so 5 guys sitting on the couch in the same room with laptops and talking to each other on headset mics is totally no big deal for him?  He actually turned around during the beginning seconds and was like, “Why is everyone laughing?”. And then I realized, this is what we do almost every night.

But at least I can laugh at it, right? Geez. What a nerd.

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