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Shameless Mama Post No. 486

Both Rowen and Elliott have pretty short hair, so it’s a little ritual of ours about once a month to go have a lunch/haircut date. :D

We go eat at the Subway


  • ham and cheese with nothing on it - woe be unto the person who puts ickies like mayonnaise or tomatoes or (*gasp*) pickles on anything you put in front of Rowen to eat…
  • yogurt - strawberry
  • juice box - fruit punch
  • ham and cheese with only olives and lettuce - that’s right! Olives. Lettuce.
  • yogurt - also strawberry
  • chocolate milk
Subway is right by the “Haircut Store” (a.k.a. Snip-its), and it’s a bright little place with fun video screens at every station, and they do a great job. It also doesn’t hurt that each kid gets a sucker at the end. ;) This means that whenever I say, “We need to go get your hair cut”, I am met with, “YEAH! I want a SUCKER!”

And that’s ok. :)

So after the lunch date, I was squealing about how CUTE Rowen’s new hair is (a little stacked in the back, short bangs) and she asked me to take a picture of her cute new hair. You WANT me to take a picture of you? Clearly I am slacking in my motherly and scrapbookerly responsibility to shove the camera in your face so often you take one look and run the other way…

So of course I immediately said yes. She started regretting it about 20 photos in. ;) But she’s beautiful. What can I say except I’m completely smitten? She has evolved into an outgoing, loving, independent, beautiful 4.5 year old right before my eyes.


Can you believe this big girl? I mean, look at that face!

When I went to pick her up from preschool today, she ran over to me with several leaves in her hands and said, “Look mama! I found some signs of fall!” Then she collected more from the yard:

And then Elliott and I played a chasing game, where I would pretend to be walking away from him while he climbed up the playhouse and slid down the slide, and then he’d come RAAAAR chasing after me and I would run and scream (and snap pictures):

  until he caught me. 

And p.s. for the mamas who have small ones that can grab you around the backs of your knees - this “pose” is awesome. Let them snuggle on your legs and then point your camera down, and say, “Look up at me!” and when they do - snap it. ;) I have probably 6 amazing pictures from various times in Ele’s life that are this same view from above.

And I was reminded today that I need more running and chasing and picking up leaves in my life. And I’m glad I had the camera on the kitchen counter (even if it’s gone unused for more than a week - I know - it’s BAD), so I could head out with the kids to capture the newly shorn locks and some daily, ordinary cuteness. :D

So do you have a hair-cutting ritual? Or other “going-out” rituals you do with your kids?

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