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Tall Tales and NEW Links!


Remember how I was talking about the stories the other day?

I have a couple of stories for you. ;)

The first one is the tale of a girl who loved telling the stories of her life with Photoshop and pictures and ribbon and chipboard and words. And she loved teaching OTHER people Photoshop, too. She wrote a couple of magazines, that had some awesome BONUS online content.

But then! The company she worked for changed web sites. Everything got wonky, and the girl was bombarded (seriously) by emails from loyal readers wondering WHAT.THE.HECK happened to their free downloads already? Where were the video tutorials that she had lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted for EACH and EVERY month of 2008?

The girl was VERY interested and anxious to know the answer to these very mysteries as well! She forwarded these emails in increasing anxiousness to her dear friend Ana, who graciously fielded all requests. And then, in the midst of the aforementioned web site upheaval (mainly because Ana is completely wonderful), Ana built a very special (although slightly secret) section of the new web site dedicated JUST to the Photoshop, Computer Tricks, and hybrid scrapbooking love.

This section of the new site is not JUST from the two magazines, but the video tutorials from the monthly column as well. And probably to the third installment of Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking, which the girl is hard at work on right now (see how I hid this inside a bunch of text? We’ll see who finds story #2 ;).

Now the girl has a web address to give out, that leads to all the Computer Tricks goodness, and here it is:


The girl realized that although slightly funky, this address works, which is the most important thing anyway, and thanks to Ana, they all lived happily ever after. 

Oh wait! One more thing!

The September 2008 video tutorial and free scalloped circle download is a lot of fun! I’m just sayin…

Time For a New Look! :D

A Lighter Note