News, and more on the Refocusing

You’re amazing.

Thank you SO much for sharing YOUR passions with me. I think it’s so easy for us as wives and mamas and employers and employees and caregivers of various sorts, to lose ourselves in the process of living and giving, in the gotta-get-this-done mentality, until we look up one day and realize we’ve stepped out of the circle of joy somehow. Out of the boundaries of what brings us bliss.

Time to climb back in, I say. :)

I think for me the things that really motivate and inspire me help to build and enlarge that circle within which I feel powerful, capable, joyful, and alive. That I am not second-guessing myself, or feeling like I need praise or approval from anyone else. Just seeking my own way, but always in that circle.

Apparently this blog is also the place for really rough drafts of thoughts that are swirling. The whole circle thing - need to work that out in my head. :) Right now it sounds like that insurance commercial “I’m so there.”

Anyway, I’ve made a few decisions today, that I hope will keep making sense as long as it feels like the right thing to do. You, and your stories of passion and conviction have given me some courage, so thank you.

As far as the site and our classes go, I’ve decided to postpone Digi: In Deeper indefinitely. There are several reasons why, and I hope that all the cool “instead” plans will help ease your tremendous, sobbing disappointment. ;)

The Type+Writer class was really the culmination of a couple months of heart-changing for me. I was looking through my albums several weeks ago. I’ve been scrapbooking now for four years, and I’m still the kind of “work it til it makes your heart sing” scrapbooker. So I’ll never be super prolific. But I noticed some real gaps in the stories there. Stuff I didn’t have good pictures for, maybe. Or stuff that I ran out of time or space to say.

As I looked through those books, I asked myself, what if THIS is all that I ever get the chance to say? Is it enough? And the answer to that question has been haunting me.

Alrighty. Fast-forward to our Type+Writer class. My beautiful friend Liv wrote some incredible techniques to help us all fill in those gaps that exist in our journaling - especially in the stories about ourselves. Lots of tears. Lots of real writing, not “scrapbook-journaling writing” (which don’t have to be different, but they ARE, admit it!), and for me, a decision point.

I want to refocus on the stories. Not on hollow technique that will make you a whiz-bang Photoshop ninja. Just do a Google search for that. (You’ll learn how to make glossy buttons and fiery text in no time! ;) ) But what it’s ALSO about is telling a story that is part of our life. About leaving a story that matters. And relishing the experience of tasting life twice as we work our craft. Type+Writer was an example of a great blend between story and technique.

I do think it can be done. I love making awesome pages and sharing amazing Photoshop techniques. But I think we got into this scrapbooking hobby because we had stories to tell (oh, and also because we love to collect supplies. Admit it!)

So I want to keep hearing more about what motivates YOU and gets you out of bed in the mornings. Keep posting away in the De-Lurker Invitational down below ok? Two cool notebooks are on the line, and I am having a blast reading your comments!

And I just had an idea, which I got really excited about (and consequently went. “Ooo ooo, you know what we could DO!” to Jared - to which he always says, “What?” when he really means oh man, here we go again). More on this in a couple of days after we plot a bit… Hehe. :D (Insert devilish grin and hand-rubbing). It will be translating into some FREE goodness in probably November-ish.

And now, with my perfect poker face firmly in place (“What? Somebody’s throwing something” - name that movie!), good night!