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A Lighter Note

This morning we were getting ready, and waiting for our sitter, Ms. Linda (who is an amazing lady and a true part of our family), and Elliott took Jared’s iPhone off the counter.

He slid the unlock slider, clicked on the YouTube button, clicked on the Bookmarks button, and scrolled through until he found his favorite one (this is like 5 complicated steps. Seriously.), which he calls “Sun Maya”, because that’s what the choir in it sounds like it’s saying. He actually sings through this entire song (I’m still trying to get a little video clip of this, because it is AWESOME - right on cue, even down to the wailing at the very end).

Here is Elliott’s favorite YouTube video about space:

Trucks? Nah. Dinosaurs? Sports? Superheroes? He won’t touch them. But the four largest moons of Jupiter, now THERE is a topic for conversation. Watching the sun dwindle in the distance as the stars in the universe get progressively larger, oh yes. Talking about galaxies and black holes as if they were outside in the backyard, sure. But just don’t try to buy him any dinosaur PJ’s.

There’s nothing quite like watching my 3-year-old handle an iPhone as well as I do, AND then watching his face lit by the glow of the screen while he sings along to the complete musical score for his favorite video.It’s one of those, “Where did this kid come from?” kind of moments that leave me breathless in wonder.

Have you had some of these recently? I’d love to hear.

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