What is Your Passion?

In the midst of the bits of extra sleep and working on other projects, I’ve been pensive for the past couple of days. Trying to figure things out from a long-term perspective. Trying to decide on course corrections, make decisions about where to put time and effort, that kind of thing. Not in my personal life (although this can often blur into the professional one so easily), but mainly for what I want from JessicaSprague.com. What I want to offer, what I have the capacity for, whether I’m meeting the needs of the people there, how do draw new people in.

And it didn’t strike me until reading a blog today with the header, “What’s Your Passion?” that this is really what drives so much of what I do professionally. AsI get more and more in to this, what I am really passionate about becomes more and more refined, chiseled out in better detail from the, “I love to teach scrapbooking” to a true definition of what gets me out of bed in the morning. I’m still coming up with exactly what this means, and I’m still way open to definitions of what this means for me as I continue to think about this.

Some of the things I’m really passionate about include:
  • The light that comes on inside the eyes of people who “get it” for the first time ever.
  • Showing people how to accomplish their vision using the tools available in Photoshop
  • Seeing finished layouts in a class I taught - whether that’s in person or through email or an online gallery.
  • Beautifully organized thoughts, systems, pages, classes (I am not done refining this one yet, hehe - so much for beautifully organized…)
  • Living, working, and teaching in such a way that I can inspire others to try new things, while still remembering our ultimate purpose and goal - to celebrate.
  • Hearing about people (other than me) who’ve stood in the doorway with a new Shutterfly book in their hands and cried.
  • Making connections with my own family, and with people around the globe who share the same interests as I do
  • Creating beautiful projects, and teaching others to create beautiful projects that provide opportunities to create or celebrate connections and togetherness.

Being a super awesome amazing Photoshop ninja didn’t make my list. Huh.

There are some really exciting new projects in the works at the web site, which I’ll be announcing in November, and (as so often happens with the really good things in my life) the capacity and ability to do these new things has only come about by a strange set of coincidences, and (what seems on the surface like) pure chance.

Instead, though, I feel like it’s time to make an evolution. I think it’ll be both a broadening and a refocusing of our efforts.

So as I’m pondering this, I decided to have a De-Lurking Invitational! Yippee! :D

De-Lurking Invitational: What Is Your Passion?

What gets you out of bed in the mornings? What’s the no-fail way to light your fire again, no matter how tired you feel? This can be a personal or a professional passion.

And here’s the question #2, which you don’t need to answer here, but which you should answer, really. What are you doing in your life right now to pursue your answer to question 1?

And what the heck is a de-lurking invitational? 

This is your opportunity, if you lurk, and nod, and say “oh yeah” or “no way!” or whatever it is you say, to actually post something. That’s right. You can do it! Stand up and be counted!

And what’s in it for you?

How about this? 

The Scrapbooker’s Answer to Planning and Journaling

I have in my hot little hands, a 2009 My Book Adaptable Photo Planner from Per Annum! This is the 6x8 size, and it has 1 year of weekly planner pages, 16 inkjet-printable sheets, and 12 archival pockets. This thing will be an awesome planner for 2009! And I’d like to give this thing away.



Okay, that’s #1. Ready for #2?

I ALSO have a My Book Adaptable Journal, with 85 lined pages and 12 photo pockets. This one is also 6x8 in size, perfect for tucking into a purse - you can put all kinds of stuff in the pockets, pics on the pages, this thing is awesome.

Alright, tell me what your passion is. Let the de-lurking invitational begin! :D

Ya’ve got til 9 p.m. Eastern on Friday (Photoshop Phriday), September 26 to post away. :D

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