Two Super Quick

1. Elliott and I were playing with one of his inflatable planets outside in the grass tonight while Rowen and Daddy were at gymnastics class. I said, “Kick it!” and he did, Yay! So I threw it back and said, “Kick it again, Ele!” And he got down on his hands and knees and started licking the ball.

Me: Ew! No, Ele, I said kick it!

Ele: I am kicking it with my tongue!

2. And just before bed, we said our prayers. I keep wondering if bringing a tape recorder would be disrespectful, but I never want to forget the pure and utter sweetness of the prayers of my kids. Elliott has one kind of all-purpose prayer, sufficient to cover mealtimes and bed, and he says it a little like a song:


“Heavenly fahder, we dank dee for dis day. We dank dee for all da food dat we done. Bless mama, and daddy, and Rowen and Ele, and Granpa Bruce and Grama Sue, and Papa Dean and Granma Carol. Bless dat we can give a good night sleep. In da name of Jesus Christ, amen.”
Ah yes, sweet guy. I think the Lord loves the prayers of his littlest ones, and I don’t think he minds hearing it a few times.

As for me, I’m really hoping to get my life back in order this weekend and leave my office once or twice in the coming week. Wish me luck. The walls are definitely closing in! But wait. That could actually just be the books and papers and scrapbook supplies that are beginning to bury me. But lots of cool things are in the works. CPR coming up in a couple of weeks, plus my very first visit to the Big Apple with Candice! Can’t wait for that! We’ll be offering a couple more online classes in the next few weeks, and then taking our annual break for the holidays, recommencing in January with classes. We have some awesome new stuff coming in 2009. Seriously. It makes me want to squeal every time I think about it. :D I’ll be announcing more specifics probably in November. :)

For now, though, I need bed. Bless that we can give a good night sleep.

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