(Photoshop) Inspiration Friday!

Hi There!

For today’s PSF I wanted to share a really cool free resource that can really change the way you collect materials for inspiration - whether for designs, type, scrapbook pages, sketches, photos, anything. :)


It’s called Vi.sualize.us, and it’s a lot like del.icio.us, but for images, instead of links.

You can gather images from across the web into your own collection, tag them for organization, and basically create your own personal idea book. I have been using it for several weeks now, and here is my Vi.sualize.us account:


You can add me to your watchlist if you like, and see what I’ve tagged and how. You can even subscribe to the feed for someone’s collection with your RSS reader (my feed is here). After you create your own account, you can add images either from those that are already collected in other people’s image groups, or by finding them on your own.

The best part? There’s an amazing Firefox extension that allows you to right-click on any image you find online and add it instantly to your Vi.sualize.us account. Yeah!

  1. Create an account
  2. Add the Firefox extension

And in other news…

Wacom PenScrappers - Inspiration, Tutorial and a Contest

A couple of months ago, Wacom invited several digital scrapbookers to create layouts based around specific themes using the Bamboo Fun pen tablet. These layouts (and video bios and how-tos) are now over at:


I made four pages, which you can see and read more about at:


The Bamboo Fun tablet is SO much fun, not only to doodle, but to sign, to edit, all kinds of stuff - you can see how I used it on the four pages I made, and I even have a VIDEO tutorial (see, it’s Photoshop Friday after all!) called the Making of Anniversary Weekend Cover Page, which you can see if you scroll down on the left hand side of the link above. 

And the other coolness?

Wacom is having a layout contest!

There are several different categories you can enter, all the way up to October 31!

You can win a camera, a printer, AND a Bamboo Fun (that’s the Grand Prize), plus 10 other Bamboo tablets are up for grabs.

Get scrappin! :D

  • Upload your own page here.
  • Check out the other entries and vote for them here.
  • And here are the rest of the rules.

The winners will be chosen (at least in part) based on the number of votes they receive. :)

I would love to see what you create! And best of luck with the contest!

Have a super, Phabulous Photoshop Inspiration Phriday, and a great weekend!


on 2008-09-12 23:49 by Jessica

Apparently my videos only work in Firefox. Anyone tried them in Safari?

It looks like they are broken in Internet Explorer, at least for now.

This and the Vi.sualize.us plugin make two great reasons to switch to Firefox. ;)