Laughing: Good for the Soul


I fell into a HUGE work-related hole there for a few days. After spending so much time in front of the computer, it leaves me feeling less than bloggy.

But I do have some cuteness to share:

Rowen picked this flower bud from the yard, and I heard her say she was going to give it to daddy. I said “Oh! That’s a nice one!”

She said, “This is a daddy flower because it is tall and bald.”

She started preschool on Monday, so Ele and I have had two mornings to ourselves this week so far. It has been a ton of fun - I’m actually amazed at how different he is without Rowen here. We were in the front room playing with pillows - he would sneak up on me (this is the sneakie face) …

and then push the pillow in front of the camera, and I’d make a funny noise and he’d laugh uproariously.He got laughing so hard he was stumbling around drunkenly.

Until he just collapsed in a heap on the floor. Still laughing that great, clean laugh of his. It was good for our souls.

In our Type+Writer class right now, we’ve taken as our theme the quote from Anais Nin: “We write to taste life twice. Once in the moment, and once in retrospection.” Somehow editing these pictures, thinking about them, and posting them takes some of the weight of tiredness off of my eyes. I look at that mouth that is a miniature version of mine, those sassy eyebrows, that look of pure joy - and my heart catches in my throat. There were never truer words spoken about journal-writing and scrapbooking than these:

We write to taste life twice.

And the second taste - so often late at night in the midst of mind-numbing exhaustion or the deadline-induced panic of stress - comes like a savored bite of sweet fruit, and sets all the tilted things in my life right again.


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