Safely in Utah for CKU :)

Whew. What a whirlwind the past week has been. So  much stuff.

After madly burning DVDs to bring, and somehow randomly staying up until almost 2 a.m., I managed 3 hours of sleep and then got up to head to the airport. I finally got my copy of Breaking Dawn, which (I knew this would happen) I read pretty much nonstop from takeoff to landing. I really like the way Stephenie Meyer writes, and I find the books hard to put down. I know this now after not being able to put down 4 in a row. :P

Tonight we had our Meet and Greet for CKU, where we got to meet (and.. uh.. greet) scrapbookers from all over the world, and chat in a more casual atmosphere. I love hearing the stories, talking and listening and laughing, and the part when everyone can come by and look at the album we make in the digital track (it turns out REALLY cool all bound and ready to go), and then that little introverted part of me is glad to go to the hotel room and take my shoes off and put my pj pants on and chillax. :D That’s where I am right now.

BUT, tonight we had a special event - they announced the new 2008 Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the Year at a ceremony here, and it was really fun! Last year’s winner, Elizabeth Kartchner, was on hand - I love her fun style. This year there were 5 finalists, and Mandy Douglass won. :) Loved the drum roll on the table, the excitement, and glad it wasn’t me on the hot-seat. :D

New CK Web Site

I did get to sit next to some of the executives who are in charge of the CK Media online presence. If you haven’t been over to the beta version of the new Creating it is really cool! (oh, and I made some cute little videos to give you a tour of the site, hehe. You can see them right over here on the Tour Page. I hear that my voice is very soothing. So if you need to relax, or to calm a fussy child, just play this video for them over and over again… it’s like hypnosis, only cheaper.)

Tomorrow is a working day (hotel room, p.j.s, just me and itunes and Photoshop) AND the CKU kickoff tomorrow night. Love being here, seeing familiar and friendly faces all around and savoring the excitement. I am a pretty exciteable person (I know, NO WAY, right?) so I can get a teensy bit worked up in  a crowd. But there’s something delicious about being in the peej in the quiet hotel room at the end of the night that is really, really good, too. ;)

So, what have you done lately to keep a little balance and sanity in your life? I could use some new fallback suggestions. :D