If It's the Beachy Sands You Want...

It was one of THOSE kind of weeks. The out-of-balance, way-too-much-work-to-do, packed-schedule kind of weeks that just leave you feeling a little drained by the end. I needed a PSF break yesterday.

And I needed to get inspired LATE last night that hey! Why don’t we surprise the kids and go to the beach?

So off we went. It was our first road trip in the new car (Nissan Murano), and we were loving the extra space (AND the fact that EACH kid had a DVD player with their own headphones, and Jared and I rocked out to the Grateful Dead in the front seat. Yeah. It was pretty much perfect.

The drive ended up being close to 3 hours with all the traffic, and we were worried we’d have to share a beach towel with someone to get a spot. But we just wandered until we found a parking place, walked up the short boardwalk to the beach, and found a stretch o’ sand with our names on it.

It has been 2 years since we’ve been to the beach. We both come from families of inveterate road-trippers, but we’ve been scared to do much for the simple reason that it is hard to do with little kids. Way hard. And rather than being a “road trip”, it’s more like a beat-down that happens to be in your car in a strange place. Last time, Elliott was not quite a year old, and Rowen was just over 2.

THIS time, though, they were great in the car. We even stopped for a potty break for Rowen in this busted little gas station that didn’t take credit cards. I don’t think I have EVER seen a place bigger than a lemonade stand that didn’t take credit cards. What the? About 2 hours in, we heard those magical road-trip words spontaneously for the very first time: “Mama, when are we going to get there?” HA! Jared and I both laughed out loud. Total nostalgia.

I have never seen our kids so blissfully happy. So perfectly content to spend hours rolling in the waves, jumping over the waves, and digging in the sand. Magic. I hate to get too over-confident here (remember Memorial Day? Yeah, that was just 2 months ago…), but this was a GREAT day. And just EXACTLY what I needed to feel back in balance and reconnected to what’s important again. That feels so good.

The patchy sunburn spots I got from inadequate sunscreen don’t. But we just need to make a note to ourselves to RUB the sunscreen in after we spray it on… Jared and I both have these burn patches in our backs. Oof.

Gotta save some of the best pics ;). But here are some from the day:

We finished off the day on the way home listening to Pink Floyd and sipping McDonald’s milkshakes, and Rowen and I crashed out in the car for most of the ride home. I do believe we left *some* of the beachy sand there for others, but we definitely brought quite a bit home with us.

I was most impressed, I think, by how much our kids have changed - how brave they’ve gotten around water, and we can’t wait to take the day-trip to the beach again. :)

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