When the Going Gets Tough.. The Tough Go Shopping

You know that old adage, probably developed by someone who already had an affinity for shopping? Well, in the spirit of having a much better day and getting an AWESOME thing in the mail, I thought I’d share some recent finds that have made their way into my life lately.

1. Handmade Cardigan. Okay, this one is an incredible handmade cardigan (she calls it a Womyn Wrap, how cute is that?) made out of organic cotton and hemp woven into a soft and stretchy jersey material. I got mine in a gorgeous oxblood red color, with the hoodie. It’s basically a cardigan with extra-long sides, just made for wrapping one side around you and throwing the other over your shoulder, or for wrapping around and tying behind your back. It is stunning. I seriously can’t wait until fall comes so I can wear it all the time. :)

2. Powder eyeshadow set. I know, you’re thinking, “On Etsy? The place for papercrafts and handmade pillows?” Yep! Created by a professional makeup artist, the coolest part about this shoppe are the awesome bundles: Brown Eyes POP, Blue Eyes POP (x2),  Green Eyes POP, and Hazel Eyes POP. She actually invites you to send a photo of yourself and she’ll help you choose the colors that’ll work for you. How awesome is that? Or you can pick the POP collections. I chose the Hazel Eyes POP collection, and asked for Bronze eyeliner instead of the black in the kit.

Got it. Would never have put PINK eyeshadow on, but it is totally, squealishly, holy crap I’m so cute gorgeous. And if you have never applied shadow and liner with brushes, it feels so glam! I had some from Mary Kay, but Mixology sells them as well! Talk about a pamper party, every morning. :D

I also picked up the Glitz for some sparkle action - it’s super-super fine, I have even dusted it on Rowen’s cheeks a couple of times. She calles it Fairy Dust. :)

3. Baby Nerd Flashcards. And this one’s not on Etsy, but is handmade and too hilarious for me not to post. Yesterday in the mail we got a little gift from Tiffany Ard, whose business card says, “Art for science nerds”. She sent us Baby Nerd Alphabet Flash Cards! Check the link to view them all.

Jared and I looked through them after the kids were in bed, and laughed our butts off. He was seriously in love with B (“Binary Code”) and M (“Mandelbrot Fractal Set”), and stared at the fractals going, “Hm, I wonder how she did that, it looks so cool, and it’s exactly right!” 

We shared some of them with the kids tonight, and everyone especially loved discovering their Uvula. Rowen was laughing so hard as she looked down my throat, and then ran for the bathroom to look at her own. Ha! Good times. :) And if that sounds like a good time to you, or you know someone in your life who would totally get that, it’s a cool gift, and Geek Approved. :)

Etsy Mini: Favorites

I’m always Favoriting stuff in Etsy, so I’ve developed quite a little collection of stuff I love. :) Here’s a display using the Etsy Mini application - just refresh to get a new set:

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