Today was one of Those Days of Total Beat-down. You know, when circumstance gathers like storm clouds, and it feels like things are just conspiring to keep you low? (Total pizza-n-Dr. Pepper night. Has it become obvious yet from my years of ramblin’ that I’m a total comfort eater? I do try to keep it in check. Most of the time.)

Jared and the kids went shopping, and brought home flowers and extra hugs and kisses. Love that my family knows just what I needed (okay, and to sit in bed and watch House MD on Fox Online for awhile before coming back to the office and a bit of work. It is strange, so strange to me that I don’t notice these tiny mental .. I won’t say breakdowns.. I will say “hiccups” until I’m in the midst of them. It’s always about that search for balance. For compatible measures of practice and play, of performance and pause, of running and rest. And sometimes I lose my footing.

So this pic is as much for me as for anyone:

So much of life feels like this, doesn’t it? And if my 4-year-old can go with such confidence and grace into her unknowns, then surely I can keep going through mine, too.

May your balance beam be wider than 4 inches and beautifully sunlit. But if it must be narrow and the way must be dark, then may it have wood chips beneath it for a soft landing. ;)

And thank you for the birthday well-wishes! The Big Day is actually not until Thursday, and I’ll be spending most of it on a plane headed to San Jose for the Creative Photography Retreat. I’ll have to see if I can order a cupcake from room service. ;)
And I know Jared and I can head out and par-tay next weekend. :)