Did you have a good weekend?

My friend Sara told me a quote from her dad: “Did you have a good weekend, or do you own a home?”

Of course, now that I live in a place that belongs to me, this is both uproariously funny and sadly true. There is that Neverending List o’ Projects, plus the mundane routine stuff. Saturday is either one of those days where Jared and I are total slugs (or I’m gone, and then who KNOWS what happens…), or we get this burst of energy from somewhere and decide to Do a Project. That deserves capitals, it’s that rare. But it hit yesterday. :D

For example? Raking pine needles. I now live in a part of the country with pine trees that SHED their needles. Seriously. I thought all pine trees were evergreens, and sort of hung on to those things, but no. They have elevated pine needles to Decorative Flowerbed Embellishment here. Probably just to avoid going nuts raking them all the time, but it’s called “pine straw”, and people buy it in bales and spread it on their plant beds like mulch. See, where I come from, pine needles are yard waste. It’s a tough thing to get past. Oh, and we have a grove of pine trees behind our fence. Even after having 5 trees removed when we redid the backyard, we are all full of pine needles all the time. (Incidentally, think we could just put out a sign, “Gather Your Own Pine Straw! $5.00 a bale!” and become an attraction like the apple orchards and blueberry farms? Hm..)

And these aren’t those little pansy needles, either. Those little one-inchers on the trees where I grew up. No. These are big long 4-inch darts that stream down through the sky and land in your hair and gather themselves in piles on the patio, and on the stairs, and on our (mulched, with REAL mulch, thank you) plant beds. The raking. The endless raking. Did some of that yesterday. It kind of doesn’t look like it today, which is what makes pine needle raking so freaking discouraging. *Sigh* Not one of those chores that you do for the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction it gives you.

And then there was the sandbox, which was 3/4 of the way finished for the lack of about 5 bricks to edge the back half of it. We added the bricks, and then went to get some play sand from the hardware store, and FINISHED the sandbox. Yeah. :)

Okay, and one more! Rowen started gymnastics class on Thursday night. Her favorite thing? Balance beam. She rocked it out, too, and I’m not just saying that. So we decided to get all wood-shoppey and make the kids their own balance beam for the backyard.


  • 1 treated 4x6 wood post, 8 ft. long.
  • 1 2x4, also treated 
  • Saw (or if you are super fancy, which we are totally not, an ELECTRIC saw)
  • Hammer and nails, or drill and screws
Cut the two 18-inch lengths off of the 2x4. Nail or screw them horizontally onto either end of the 4x6 post to make feet. Turn the post over, and boom! Instant Balance Beam of Delight. :)

And then we were spent.

In other areas of success, Elliott made a solo trip to the potty today. There was much rejoicing. Which actually just embarrassed him. Funny kid.

He’s nowhere near totally “done” with this. But today was a huge step. And no bribe (ahem, promised reward and/or celebration) seemed to be working for him, until in desperation we said, how about a solar system you can hang in your room. That’s right. An inflatable solar system. He gets a new planet for each, ahem.. successful trip. So we’ll see.

And now, I’ve just blogged about potty training. Something I Swore I Would Never Do. But you know, as a former web designer turned scrapbooker, turned mama of 2, turned stay-home parent, who moved to North Carolina and lives in a suburb with a cat and a picket fence, and some power tools, there are sort of a lot of things that I do that never imagined myself doing. What’s one more thing, right? And heck, I’m PROUD of this kid. :)

So. Did you have a good weekend? ;)

I promise, I’ll totally post pics. Gymnastics, sand box, balance beam. Check.