The Nerd Returns!

Okay, so Warcraft is about the LEAST nerdy of all the RPGs out there. Seriously. More cartoonish, easier for casual gamers to get their geek on without busting out the pocket protector and the LED watch. But I think playing Wow is a little like getting a tattoo - once you’ve done it, you just have to keep going back.

I quit in January after some bouncing around landed me in a raiding guild that required 4-night-per-week attendance. Yeah, they do that. THAT is nerdy. The game started seriously eating into my family life (and all other kinds of life, in fact), and rather than scale back by looking for a new guild, it was just time to quit. I did manage to gear my main character up pretty nicely as a healer (and she’s cute too, no? :P):

I was totally fine not playing at all for about 7 months. Jared quit for awhile there, too. THEN he found a guild that is completely comprised of friends of his from work. I’ve met them all. They are cool and balanced people. Gamers, but casual. And almost ALL of them are couples who play together. Lots of good reasons, right? He joined them about 2 months ago, and goes on short runs maybe once or twice a week.

So last week I decided to start up again.

Part of that was that it’s totally fun for Jared and I to play together - something we can do that’s for us, and fun. We started Blood Elves. Mine is a hunter, all the way to level 28! Woot!

Then last night I transferred my 70 priest over to the new server, I’ll join Jared’s guild, and will blissfully ignore any stray “you should be working on a layout right now” thoughts as we run heroic Shadow Labs. Can’t wait! The house will be quiet, the office will be dark, except for our monitors and our desk lamps, and we’ll crack open a cold Diet Mt. Dew and just play. Ah. It’s not going to be tons of new content, and it’s not going to be learning new bosses or the thrill of downing a hard boss for the first time - it’ll be a lot of the same runs over and over. But it’s also people I know in real life, and that should be a refreshing change. :)


It has been 8 months since I played Siopea (whose name was changed to Mazika yesterday in the move). People might die. I might be eaten by diseased vampiric shambling ghouls.

Either way, it promises to be good times. :)

p.s. Thank you for your well wishes on the potty training thing. We had a long talk last night and might  need to adjust a few things. The stuff that motivates Rowen (mainly candy, pretty things, craft supplies and Wall-E - pretty much a girl after my own heart) just doesn’t have the same effect on Elliott. So this one might take longer. What we DO know is that stress and frustration and deadlines and promises don’t work. So we’re trying the relaxed approach. He’ll get it. Eventually. Right?