A few $2 words

Okay. Super quick. It’s 1 a.m. and I’ve been home from CKU for 2 days. Leaving at noon tomorrow for CKC in Charlotte. And then home for a week and off again to CPR in San Jose. August is full of acronyms and craziness, and I must say, I’m looking forward to September and a little downtime. :)

But today? Today was Gymnastics camp, courtesy of my friend Heather, who suggested we put Rowen in the half-day class just for today and tomorrow. Who was flipping-out-freaking-out excited? Besides me? One small girl I know, who I actually think could be really GOOD at gymnastics.

So we took her down to the gym this morning, Ele and I, and got her all set up in her class, and watched the first part - up to the part where she was jumping in the foam pit, and running on the squishy mat in a circle with the other kids, and then Ele and I left to go get a snack and hang out. Heather brought Rowen home, and she came with a picture she had drawn (of Eve, from Wall-E).

So we eat lunch and Ele says, “I want to go to chin-nastics, too.”

Next time, guy. Next time.

And then Rowen decides she wants to color the rest of the space behind Eve, so it looks like space. She gets out ALL of her blue crayons of various shades, and begins coloring. I wander upstairs to bring some laundry (yay me!) and she comes up and says, “Is there Tuck Royce in space?”

“Huh?” I say, looking up from my pile o’ clean laundry.

“Is there Tuck Royce in space?”

Hm.. How to answer this?

“What is Tuck Royce?”

“You know, the color.” And she holds up one of the shades of blue.

“OHHH, turquoise! Yes! I’m sure there is turquoise in space. You are awesome.”

And so the Eve picture ended up with about 12 different shades of blue in it, and Tuck Royce featured prominently.

Off to Charlotte tomorrow! PSF will have to wait until next week…