Yay: Luke Skywalker reading the Spiderwick Chronicles to us in bed after we turn out the light. It actually says the narrator is someone else, but it’s narrated by Mark Hamill (check out the preview, right at the end he starts talking). And it helps a lot that the main character’s name is Jared. My Jared keeps saying, “How COOL is it that Luke Skywalker keeps calling my name?”

Yay: Elliott slept in his BIG bed for the very first time last night. And he only came out of his room 3 times.

Boo: HUGE thunderstorms, with thunder that terrifies both kids, for 3 straight nights. I am normally not opposed to thunder, but somehow Elliott has realized that Jared gets really obsessive about watching the Weather channel when there’s a storm afoot. Two nights ago, when the thunder hit, he started crying and then said, “I WANT TO GO WATCH THE WEATHER!” 

Boo:: Google reads my email.

Yay: This actually turned out to be hilarious just now. I know this because here’s the backstory (another one of those things that ended up being a huge joke for the rest of the weekend)

We all went out to dinner at Foster’s in Chicago last week. Shmancy steak/seafood place. Of course I had a pork chop. MMM. It was delicious. And of course we all perused the dessert menu. Well, the one thing that looked good to me was carrot cake. LOVE carrot cake.

But of all the desserts, this one happened to say, “Carrot Cake for Two”. Hm. Well, I certainly can’t get carrot cake for two, right? If I’m only one? And nobody seemed that interested in sharing it with me. And I had this whole conversation with myself over the carrot cake for two. Liv even snapped a photo, which she just sent me in an email teasing me about the carrot cake::


Her email was titled,”What Indecision Looks like”

“hmmm… should i get the carrot cake for two? why does it say for two? could i order this and eat it all myself? why did they have to write “for two”? do they not think one can finish this on one’s own? where’s the chef? i think i’ll order ten of these!”

I responded, archived the email, and it refreshed, and what do I see at the top of my screen?


Why yes, Gmail. I AM craving carrot cake. Thank you for asking.