Before I Forget

This is one of those stories that has a profound effect, and gets incorporated into a family’s folklore, and then needs to be written down before everyone forgets where it came from.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up Rowen and Elliott from a half-day daycamp, and Rowen was looking sad. I asked her why she was blue. She just sat in the back of the car, not saying anything. I decided to take them to lunch. :D Nothing like a Firehouse Sub to cheer you, right? Right.

So as we start eating, she starts cheering up, and then says,

“Mama, why is there a color for when you feel sad, but no color for when you feel happy?”

This is an excellent question. I say, “This is an excellent question. What color do you think the happy color should be?”

Without even needing to think about it, she says, “Yellow!”

And now, for weeks, LOTS of things make her feel yellow. 

Of course, this inventiveness cuts both ways. Apparently “blue” is only for when you’re sorta sad, not for when you’re REALLY sad. REALLY sad is purple. I’ve been told that through tears a couple of times since then. 

Every day’s a rainbow here. :D

Here, she’s feeling particularly yellow as we prepare to light fireworks on Friday (note the Wall-E shirt, which I swear I have washed every day since she got it - at least all the days I could peel it off of her…EDITED: I got the shirt from the super-cute Disney Wall-E store here. And, can I just say how much I LOVE that they made girl gear!:


 Happiness is a yellow girl. :)