Top 10

It has been awhile since I’ve done a top 10. Here’s the latest, some of stuff I own, and some of stuff I’ve found that’s cool. :D

  • Corkboard tiles. I hung them on my wall in a 3x3 grid, gonna put up kid artwork, pics, quotes and visual inspirations.
  • 1000 Bags, Tags, & Labels. I’ve been known to buy a shirt just so I could have the hang-tag. Or (ahem) a cute box of chocolates because the box was cute (didn’t throw out the chocolates, though - can’t let those go to waste!) Here’s an entire inspirational book with packaging in all its forms. Some VERY cool scrappy inspiration in there! :D
  • You know I can’t resist chipboard. They are the easiest way, I think, to add some hybrid dimension to any page. And florals? Flourishes? In finishes I don’t have to paint or cover with paper? Ah. My heart. I picked up some Glimmer Chips (which in this case actually don’t glimmer, but are white embossed shapes), and some BG Chip Stickers in the Sultry line. Delicious. You’ll probably be seeing more of these in a page near you soon. ;)
  • Handmade soap. When we were in Asheville a couple of weeks ago, we were walking downtown and saw some soapmakers out selling. They were incredibly good smelling, so we picked up a few. I love the lavender. Jared especially loves the spearmint/sage one. LOVE the feel of these soaps. Any hadndmade soap recommendations? Have you had a good experience with handmade soap?


  • What if KI Memories (maker of the lace cardstock) made scarves? They’d be like these laser-cut microsuede scarves from Little Factory. So awesome!
  • Found a cool article: Ways to hold your Viewer’s attention - 5 suggestions for photographs that translate into scrapbook pages, too!
  • Some very cool textures. Check out the paper ones, and can we say enough about woodgrain? :D
  • For no good reason except that it’s super cute. Whale, and is there something about the woodgrain?
  • The Mental Floss blog highlights a man who took a photo a day for eighteen years - right up until the day he died. It’s a cool write-up, and the web site is very cool as well.
  • If you love looking at web pages for the delicious eye candy (I know I do), check out this Flickr set with a collection of almost 500 really good ones. Someone worked really hard. Way harder than I do, or ever will. But I will gladly look at these ones. :)