The First of Many: Rowen's Bots Show, Episode 1

Well, Wall-E has officially replaced Lightnin’ McQueen as the Main Animated Fella at the Sprague house. (Daddy is still the Main Human Fella, so all is well there). The evidence? She’s been using her growing marker-and-tape-and-safety-scissors skills to crank out an astonishing number of robots. I think she got the idea from her latest book, Lots of Bots, in which Wall-E and Eve encounter (what else?) Lots of Bots as they escape various dangers.


She LOVES this book. And I love it, too - believe it or not, all of the graphics in this book are made with CARDSTOCK. Die cut and layered and photographed. Totally. It’s actually a good test of your paper scrappy worthiness to see if you can identify the Orange Peel, Doodlebug (crosshatch), Corduroy (Chatterbox), and Classic Bazzill, as well as some Die Cuts with a View thrown in. A total cardstock lover’s dream, and lovingly die-cut and layered into the shapes of all the bots. And I don’t even know who loves this book more. :P

Anyway, I digress (*panting*). Love me some textured cardstock…

So I think that’s where this idea came from. And then having Grandma here to help make up stories with robots in them helped as well, and suddenly we have this robot-making MACHINE and we’re wondering where all our printer paper went.

Of course they all have names. And they all have a specific job. And they are all lovingly hand-drawn and cut-out by her. And it occured to me today as we had to get a larger bag to put them in, that if ever there were a time to bust out the video camera and record this precious girl, this is it. 

And she was super excited. So here is The Rowen’s Bots Show, Episode 1:

She saw this video, and immediately went to work creating more. And she told a story with several of them, for an upcoming episode. This is from Jared’s little handheld video camera, whose mic is not good. Hope you can hear it well enough! :D

EDIT: Hearing the vid again, it is a little tough to pick out which bots are which. She actually DOES introduce the show as “The Rowen’s Bots Show” ha!

And then she goes through:

  • Eve
  • Yellow-bot
  • Apple bot (he eats apples)
  • Friend bot (he makes friends)
  • Wall-A
  • Grocery bot (his arms hold groceries, and you can actually hear Elliott say, “I LOOOOVE apple juice!” when she points out that he’s holding a jug of apple juice
  • Rainbow bot
  • Kiss bot (pretty much just a huge pair of lips)
  • Rectangle bot
  • Beep bot
  • Shape bot
  • And her favorite one… (Wall-E)
  • Circle bot
  • Bucket bot
  • Eye bot
And more to come! I know of Hug bot and Swing bot who’ve made their appearance tonight. What a collection! I am totally, completely in love with this girl.