A Windows Girl Goes Mac: Episode 1

So. It was a very good mail day. :D The MacBook came. :D

So today began the adventure getting to know the new machine, and learning the Mac OS for the first time. I have been asked a lot since I mentioned it, to talk about my personal experience as a Windows girl, entering the Mac world, and my thoughts. 

Here is how the First Meeting went down:

When we opened the box and removed the styrofoam, our Thing of Beauty with the sweet translucent apple logo gazed up at us, and batted its eyes.

We opened the lid and turned it on, LOVING that it was fully charged so we could dig right in.  

We watched a cute little Welcome movie with a jazzy soundtrack, and then it began to lead us through the setup process.

Right away it located our wireless network, and all we needed was the password. 

It asked for Jared’s iTunes information and got our address and his phone number.

Then it connected itself to our file server

I think we said, “Holy CRAP!” about 34 times in the first 10 minutes. And I think I cried a little bit.


We plugged it in. The power cord is slightly magnetized, so it locks itself into place.

I’m sitting here in the dim light on the couch, and the keyboard is illuminated.

Clearly Apple has the science of human interface design down to, well, a science. It is so easy to get blinded by the sexiness. Part of me wonders, “Where have you been all my life?” and part of me wonders why there’s no backspace key. And whether to push the CONTROL key or the COMMAND key when I want to copy something? And what does this little line and triangle button here above the Delete key do? Ah! It’s the Function button.

And how do the kids feel? 

Nothing better than a built-in webcam to play with! Elliott got shy, and Rowen experimented with seeing herself on video as only a 4-year-old can. :)

So far, I am cautiously in love. All I’ve done is type, after all, oh, and upload a YouTube video. I don’t know if I am brave enough to bring this to CKU next week - there are a few too many hunt-n-peck and “what was that key again?” situations for my comfort.  But it’s light, it’s lovely, it glows, and I am pretty sure I can figure out how to maximize, right? :)

More to come as the journey continues! (And I was just hunting for the End key, and apparently there isn’t one?) 

I’d love to hear how your first encounter with Mac went, if you have one!