Loving This: Handmade Handbags

I loved seeing your ideas added to the letterpress list I created last week (and I even enabled myself into several cards from Dee & Lala - ha!), so I’m giving it another go. I’ve definitely been on a handmade item kick lately. I just love the idea of things being crafted by talented hands, and who doesn’t love a cute bag? Put those together and here is a list of some awesome handmade handbags with cute differences (including one that just came to live with me a few days ago! read on!)

Loving this: Handmade Handbags

This first one is from Sacaclaques - a wooden handbag. So awesome. (And it should come as no surprise that the one in the shop that caught my eye is green..)

And this one just came to live with me this week! :D Everyone needs an awesome handmade Sandalwood Gathering Pouch! What I love about this is that the pouch has little loops and the strap is separate, so you can thread the loops through and tie it on your waist (like so), or you can tie the strap on and sling it across your shoulder. And isn’t that stitching awesome? Tree imagery is something that has always really spoken to me. So this was my little present for Digi: In Deep. ;)


How about this very cool Recylced Movie Poster handbag? Love the shape of this one!

And this one! I love satchel bags, and finding one that’s handmade, AND in leather, AND so ornately detailed is awesome! From Moxie and Oliver.

Okay, okay, another green one. But this one is made by a textile designer in original fabric, and just look how delish! From Daisy Janie.

And a Red one! (that.. ahem.. happens to be lined in green). Lovely fabric in a retro-styled clutch design. I would want to wear some capris and high heels and let this lovely dangle from my wrist. :). From Madie Deluxe.

Something in me loves these sweet glitter skulls. From TerraMaya.

A little tamer, but no less cute - I have this undying love for Amy Butler. Her fabrics. Yes. Her fabrics. And when they are made into super-cute bags by super-talented hands, I must sigh, and feel my heart pitter-pat, and wonder to myself if there’s any craft I could take up that would justify me buying yards and yards of deliciousness (but for those of us who .. ahem.. collect more than we scrap, actually using the stuff is a totally separate hobby than collecting it is, right? :D). This is no exception, from A Touch of Stardust:

And one with scooters on it! The next best thing to owning a scooter, right? I think a cute flippy skirt and some little canvas flats would be so cute with this! From The Funky Bag Lady.

So what is your purse personality (“purse-onality”? HA!)? Do you like different bags with different outfits? Or do you keep one purse until a hole wears in the bottom, or change it up with the seasons? Are you clean and organized in there, or would you sooner show someone your underwear drawer than the inside of your purse? Do you go for a leather number, a cute fabric number, classic design or fun and funky? When do you know that you really need a new bag?

Right now I’m sporting this one (not handmade) from Lucky Brand, because pretty much if you give me flowers on a handbag I will follow you anywhere.:

Purchased it a couple of months ago, and it’s one of those with a really deep center pocket. Good for tossing wallet + glasses case + book, not so good for keeping track of those little bits o’ life that I seem to need to carry around with me. (Wanna see my underwear drawer? :P)

If you have spotted (or you make!) (or you own!) a great handbag, post it up! Share the love!