Melting Grandpa's Heart from Afar

Rowen wrote an email to her Grandpa Bruce today - she wanted to write to him after she saw me working on a layout with his photo on it. So she dictated while I wrote:

Dear Grandpa,

I love you. We watched the Care Bears, and my favorite Care Bear is Cheer Bear. I built a cloud car out of cotton balls and a box. I put a cotton ball in the glue, and sticked it onto the box. Tonight we are gonna - I don’t know what we are gonna do, mama? Mama says we are gonna walk by the lake and ploop rocks in the lake like this! Ploop!

I hope you’ll have good love from ME, and we hope you’ll be a good grandpa forever!


rowen (she wrote her own name!)



And here we are plooping rocks in the lake. :)


His reply?

Thank you so much, you made Grandpa’s day.