Loving This: Letterpress

I’m going to start a new feature called Loving This. :) I stumble on stuff all the time, but rarely categorize into sets, so this will be fun!  Tonight, for example, I was browsing about, and got sucked into this entire evening full of letterpress goodness! There’s something so compelling about how tactile they are, and they’re always printed on gorgeous textured paper. :D I love that each one must be made individually, and so often they are made completely by hand. (Handmade stuff has been a theme for me for a little while now.)

Here are some awesome ones I am loving! I’m actually thinking of starting a little letterpress collection of my own here. :)


 Linda & Harriett  Is that not the most delicious handwritten letterpressed signature you ever saw? WHOA.




Green Chair Press



Satsuma Lynn



Reinked   (this one actually comes with envelopes made from vintage magazines. :) Love the inkless pressing.




 Night Owl Paper Goods




Egg Press (yes. another green thing. big surprise.) This one is both offset printed (the tree) and letterpressed.




 Papered TogetherI want to put one of these in EVERY book I own. And the child silhouette looks just like Rowen to me. :)




Dee and Lala   I pretty much love every single one of their sweet, whimsical cards, but these elephants just melt my heart. :)



 Messenger Brid Press - one can never have too many coasters. And wouldn’t these rock as gifts?




Smock  I pretty much love every.single.thing from this web site. Oh yes. And I want to touch it, and pet it, and call it George.



Red Tandem Studio - LOVE this ink color.




Megan Creates - And one more sweet lil’ elephant to round out the evening. :)


Yes. Definitely thinking of starting a letterpress collection of my own. :D (Hey, and if I get sets, I can send 5 and keep one, right? ;)

For more reading (for me too!) on letterpress, here are a couple of sites:

Got any letterpress lovelies you’d like to add to this? Have you ever seen letterpress in action? Are you a letterpresser yourself? A collector? An appreciater? :D