It’s good to be home.

Home. One of my favorite words. :D

Thankfully, travel is another one,  so all is well there. I arrived back from CKU  few hours ago, in time to turn around and go pick up my MIL from the airport for a 9-day visit. She came just in time for the record-setting 100-degree temps around here. :)


Was awesome. I have so much admiration for the brave ladies (and gent!) who took the chance on the digital class and came ready to learn this whole new thing. It takes a lot of courage to bring a laptop to a scrapbook show. My very favorite thing about CKU is about 2:00 on the album days, after everyone has been working for a few hours, plugging away at pages, practicing the techniques and the layer and file management, the room goes quiet, and gets this air of concentration about it. The sound of smart people thinking. And it becomes obvious that everyone is getting it. The number of questions goes down, and everyone begins to gain that rhythm. It’s incredible. So humbling. Photoshop is not an easy program to learn (and still harder to master), so being able to be there when this moment begins to happen is so cool.

A huge shout-out to the brave TA’s who joined me in the adventure on Friday and Saturday, so willing to offer patient assistance - thank you for your help!

I love being able to see my far-flung friends Ali and Paolo and Margie and Tim every couple of months, going out to dinner or chatting over lunch - and can we talk about the Houston location? The Westin Galleria is located directly attached to a huge mall. Oh yes. And you have to cross the mall’s hallway to get to most of the meeting rooms - it was hard not to get sucked out into shopping every time I went by there. I did manage to resist. A few times. But I also managed to get my shopping fix in the off-times as well (I haven’t been to a mall in like 6 months). Sometimes there’s nothing sweeter than a quiet no-kid stroll in a mall. :)

But more than anything, I’m glad and grateful to be home. CKU gives me a great inspirational pick-me-up - being around all the scrapbookers, and being part of this awesome event reminds me why I do this, why I started scrapbooking in the first place, and what I value most about my life, and so it’s good to be home to see my peeps again. :D

I hope your weekend was great! If you were at CKU this weekend, big waves and hellos to you wherever home is, from  my home, N.C.