8:05 p.m.

I told Ele he could have a couple of minutes before bedtime to play with his trains. I came in to read him a story and put him to bed, and he was hiding behind his blinds. It went like this:

“Mama, say knock knock.”

Me: “Knock knock”

(he pulls open his blinds)


Ele: “Nobody is home!”

And here is where I get stumped, so I need some prompting from behind the blinds.

Ele:  “Mama, you say, ‘It’s the gwabbledy goblin!”

Me: (still confused) “Ok. It’s the grabbledy goblin!”

(A roar of laughter from behind the blinds).

Jared comes in. I say, “Who is the grabbledy goblin?”

Jared (laughing): “OHHHH, the Grabbin’ Goblin? Here, this is how it goes.”

And he proceeds to act out the entire scenario again perfectly with Elliott, who is loving it.

Apparently they have both seen this particular episode of the Backyardigans way more times than I have. But at least I had the presence of mind to catch a pic of the goblin behind the blinds.