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Normal, and New tutorial! :D

We’ve been home for nearly a week now, and things have almost reached the state we’ll just refer to as “normal”. Suitcases unpacked. Laundry done. Server back in working order (after a new motherboard was installed by Dell yesterday), all computers have internet access. Okay, so we have no light fixtures in the kitchen and we’ve since discovered that 5 electrical outlets aren’t working, but that’s small stuff. Internet access. Clean clothes. Food in the fridge. That lovely sense of order. THAT is big stuff.

The new tutorial for my column for CK’s July issue is up:


And there’s a super-cute mini-kit compliments of Michelle Coleman from Little Dreamer Designs! Yay! Check it out:


I hope your weekend is going great. Enjoy the free digi goodness! :D 

Just like Normal, right?

Today. Better.