Today. Better.

All is mostly back to whatever passes for normal around here. :)

We got a new router last night (love Target open until 10 p.m.), and I picked up a little inflatable swimming pool for the kids, now that we have real, honest-to-goodness GRASS in the backyard and we aren’t scared to go back there. So we slathered them up with sunscreen, filled the little pool and they spent a total of 3 1/2 hours in it. Cheap entertainment at its finest! And it was nice to just step away from the computer, watch them play, read my just-arrived copy of Lisa Bearnson’s awesome new book, and listen to delighted squeals as Rowen pretended to be a mermaid (who could, of course, grow legs and jump and skip every time she left the pool - and then re-grow fins to get back in the water), and Elliott pretended to be (what else?) a “Jupiter fish”…

Rowen’s preschool teacher is holding a week-long half-day daycamp this week, and invited both kids to participate. Today was day 2, and she told me that yesterday they played a game, “I am going to the beach, and I am taking a….” and then she’d roll a ball to each kid and they could answer what they were taking to the beach. Elliott’s item?

A planet.

Of course.

Obsessed? Maybe a little. I don’t know ANY other kid who can name the four largest moons of Jupiter and can pick out the Hubble telescope from other telescopes, or pretends that blowing on my face is not just wind, but “solar wind”, let alone a kid who has just turned 3. But there it is. And it is awesome.

Of course we still have a few gremlins in our new web site, which Jared is working on one by one, and we have one naked lightbulb in the kitchen, and Dell is coming on Friday to have a look at the file server which still will not boot (and I have no access to my pictures), but today? Today I drank lemonade and sprayed sunscreen on my two small swimsuited kids, watched as they played for literally HOURS in their pool, listened to squeals of laughter as I pretended to be a shark and gave my opinion on what mermaids and Jupiter fish do and do not like (“Do mermaids like to run and skip and slide down the slide?” “Of COURSE they do!”).

Tomorrow? Who knows. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (in about 6 hours…).